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Want lifted glutes and a tighter, toned seat? This class focuses predominately on your seat muscles with diagonal seat and arabesque. Throw in some thigh work with Hoddy to burn calories and keep your heart rate up and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a 20-minute accelerated class. Kiesha, Hoddy and Melissa make sure you’re getting lifted glutes in this fast paced workout.

Get started with Hoddy:

Get a full body warm up by starting class in a plank position. Focus on squeezing your seat to start this seat centric class. Finish warm up in 2nd position.


  • Narrows your waist, side and back.
  • Works your core muscles.
  • Warms up your glutes.
  • It’s all about your glutes with Diagonal Seat into Arabesque:

    Kiesha will get your seat shaking with a fun set of Diagonal Seat hops right into Arabesque.


  • Shapes and slims down your inner glutes.
  • Shapes and sculpts you upper back.
  • Targets the outer corner of your seat to give you a “dancer’s dent”
  • Burn Calories in Thigh with Hoddy:

    Challenge your stamina in two sets of thigh work, first with your feet in a turnout with diamond thigh and then into second position.


  • Substantial caloric burn off.
  • Narrows your quads.
  • Leaner body overall.
  • Wrap up class with back dancing and final stretch:

    For one final seat exercise, Melissa will take you through back dancing and then end class with a peaceful final stretch.

  • A healthier lower back and hips.
  • More lifted and carved seat muscles.
  • More elongated leg muscles.
  • Better performance for your body the next time you work out.