Mason Mini Class Stretch #03

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Pasadena, California teacher, Mason calmly leads you through 25 minutes of Bar Method technique with a strong emphasis on stretching and elongating your muscles.

Tone your shoulders with shoulder walks.
You will lift weights your lighter weights to the front of your body moving at your own pace.
o Toned shoulder muscles.
o Improving your posture.

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Los Angeles teacher Mason gives you a playful, athletic mini-class that will leave you feeling calm, energized and well-buffed.

Then plank into a long chest stretch!
Jump-start your work out with a full body exercise designed to build your stamina.
o Strengthens your core muscles.
o Narrows your waist, side and back.

Stretch at the bar:
Enjoy this time to elongate and prepare your muscles for the intense work ahead. Mason spends extra time guiding you through a relaxing sequence of stretches.
o Increases the range of motion in your legs.
o Stretches your hamstrings, hips muscles, thighs, back, waist and arm muscles.
o Enhances coordination.

Stay at the bar for thigh-work:
Do one quick sets of thigh-work in a high-heel set with your legs together.
o Toned, slimmer thighs.
o Substantial caloric burn-off.
o Increased stamina.
o Leaner body overall.

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Stay at the bar for standing seat work.
Experience the tone of this full body seat exercise in a parallel position.
o Lifts and shapes your upper glutes.
o Sculpts your upper back muscles and improves posture

Stretch on your floor or mat
Stretch and elongate your shaky muscles on your mat or padded rug.
o Elongates your quads and hamstrings.
o Increases the range of motion in your legs.
o Streamlines the front of your body.

Right onto “curl”
Enjoy the fast burn in your deep abs with low curl with one leg lifted.
o Changes your abs quickly.
o Tones your glutes.
o Adds stamina to your whole body.

Now for the fun part: back-dancing!
You will continue to lift your seat with your legs in a parallel position.
o A healthier lower back and hips.
o More lifted and carved seat muscles.
o Enhanced coordination.

Your final stretch:
Stretch your hamstrings, glutes and back muscles during this peaceful, energizing final stretch sequence.
o Release from stress.
o More elongated leg muscles.
o Great strength and energy.
o Better performance from your body the next time you work out.

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