Mason Glenn #02

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In this high energy class, Mason begins each exercise with fluid motion then propels you into bursts of aerobic power. You will lift your glutes with “diagonal seat,” spike your heart rate with “fold-over,” and get inspired by Mason’s motivating humor and knowledgeable guidance. Have a ball ready for this class for thigh-work and abdominal curls. Mason will take you to your personal edge and make you want to be there!

What you’ll need:

A sturdy chair or portable bar
A soft strap for stretching (bathrobe tie)
Two free weights (2 to 4 pounds each)
2 firm oversized throw pillows
We suggest doing the class on a carpet, rug or mat
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Kick off with plank!
• Jump start your work out with a full body exercise designed to build your stamina, test your endurance and enjoy Hoddy’s fun optional challenge.

• Strengthens your core muscles.
• Narrows your waist, side and back.

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Pasadena, California teacher, Mason calmly leads you through 25 minutes of Bar Method technique and hip exercises with a strong emphasis on stretching and elongating your muscles.

Use your light weights to tone your shoulders with “shoulder walks”:
• Move gracefully at your own pace with straight arms to tone your arms quickly.

• Gives your deltoids a teardrop shape.
• Strengthens your upper back.

Continue your warm up with bicep curls:

• Shapes and elongates the biceps.
• Works the stabilizer muscles in your upper back.
• Improved posture.

Then you lift a lighter weight to the back during one-weight lifts.
• You will use a lighter weight to tone and strengthen the back of your arms and your back muscles.

• Sculpts the back of your shoulders.
• Tones your upper back mucsles.
• Improved posture.
• Works your legs so you continue to burn calories.

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On to pushups another plank and more pushups!
• You will rev up your heart rate and challenge your stamina with multi-leveled pushups. Each set will be fairly short so try to do them all on the balls of your feet.

• Sculpted arms and chest.
• Toned back muscles.
• Greater shoulders stability.
• Tighter abs.
• A more lifted seat.
• Significant caloric burn.

And reverse push ups:
• This fast exercise will quickly shape and tone your arms. Work hard to do them correctly.

• Carves your triceps.
• Narrows your upper arm so that it looks both sculpted and slender.

Put away your weights and go right to the bar for a stretch!

Stretch at the bar:
• Enjoy this time to elongate and prepare your muscles for the intense work ahead.

• Increases the range of motion in your legs.
• Stretches your hamstrings, hips muscles, thighs, back waist and arm muscles.
• Enhances coordination.
It is time for thigh work:

Shape your calves with heel lifts with your feet hips width apart. :

• Strengthens your calf muscles.
• Lengthens the look of your legs.
• Warms up your legs to get them ready for thigh work.

Get your ball, it is time for your thigh work:

• You will build your stamina in 3 sets of thigh starting with your feet in parallel with the ball, then move to a narrow V stance and finish using your ball again with your feet in parallel.

• Tones and narrows your quads.
• Slims your inner thighs.
• Strengthens your knees.
• Burns lots of calories.

Get ready for diagonal seat with your feet hips width apart.

• This unique exercise utilizes your tuck to tone your legs and lift your seat.

• Targets the upper-most glutes, lifting your seat.
• Challenges your hamstrings.
• Engages your abs and the posture muscles in the upper back.

Get your ball again and move into fold-over.
• Mason has you put the ball behind your knee in this fun fold-over targeted to lift your seat and tone your hamstrings quickly.

• Lifts both sides of your seat at the same time.
• Burns lots of calories.
• Strengthens your upper back.
• Works your hamstrings.

More push ups!
• Blast through 20 more full range pushups while your heart rate is up and your muscles are warm.

• Works your core muscles.
• Is a calorie burning powerhouse.

Stretch on your floor or mat!
• Stretch and elongate your shaky muscles on your mat or padded rug.

• Elongates your quads and hamstrings.
• Increases the range of motion in your legs.
• Streamlines the front of your body.

Find your ball again and go right onto “curl”
• You will get your abdominals toned with 3 sets of curl: low curl with the ball mid-point between your thighs, kickstand curl and finally high curl with the ball behind your waist.
• Creates a fast burn in your six pack abs.
• Changes your abs quickly.
• Tones your glutes.
• Tones your legs.

Now for the fun part: back-dancing!
• You will have another chance to tone the corners of your seat with your feet wide apart.

• A healthier lower back and hips.
• Lifted and carved seat muscles.
• Enhanced coordination.

Your final stretch:

• Release from stretch.
• More elongated leg muscles.
• Better performance from your body the next time you work out.

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3 Responses to “Mason Glenn #02”
  1. Bethany

    Mason is THE BEST. He’s everything I love about Bar Method. He kicks your butt, makes you laugh, and doesn’t rush through the stretches. My favorite teacher on the site. Would love more classes from Mason!

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