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You will be so charmed by Los Angeles, California teacher Mason that you won’t even realize you are burning mega calories leading to a more svelte body. Mason’s class concentrates on challenging your quadriceps with parallel thigh and diagonal seat.

What you’ll need:

A sturdy chair or portable bar
A soft strap for stretching (bathrobe tie)
Two free weights (2 to 4 pounds each)
2 firm oversized throw pillows
We suggest doing the class on a carpet, rug or mat
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Class Details/Benefits:

Kick off with plank!
• Jump start your work out with a full body exercise designed to build your stamina.

• Strengthens your core muscles.
• Narrows your waist, side and back.

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Stay on the floor for pushups:
• You will rev up your hear rate and challenge your stamina with multi-leveled pushups. It will be a short seat so try to do them all on the balls of your feet.

• Tones and strengthens your shoulders, biceps and triceps.
• Tones your glutes.
• Works your core muscles.

Use your lighter weights to tone your shoulders with “shoulder walks”:
• Move gracefully at your own pace with straight arms to tone your arms quickly.

• Gives your deltoids a teardrop shape.
• Strengthens your upper back.

Continue your warm up with biceps curls:

• Shapes and elongates your biceps.
• Works the stabilizer muscles in your upper back.
• Improves posture.

Then you lift a lighter weight to the back during one-weight lifts.
• You will use a lighter weight with focus on lifting up to tone and strengthen the back of your arms and back muscles.

• Sculpts the back of your shoulders.
• Tones your upper back muscles.
• Improved posture.
• Works your legs so you continue to burn calories.

More pushups:
• Repeat your first set of pushups. Remember to try them on the balls of your feet.

• Tones and strengthens your shoulders, biceps and triceps.
• Tones your glutes.
• Works your core muscles.

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And reverse push ups:
• This fast exercise will quickly shape and tone your arms. Work hard to do them correctly.

• Carves your triceps.
• Narrows your upper arm so that it looks both sculpted and slender.

Put away your weights and go right to the bar heel lifts!

Shape your calves with heel lifts with your feet hips width apart:

• Strengthens your calf muscles.
• Lengthens the look of your legs.
• Warms up your legs to get them ready for thigh work.

Stretch at the bar:
• Enjoy this time to elongate and prepare your muscles for the intense work ahead.

• Increases the range of motion in your legs.
• Stretches your hamstrings, hips muscles, thighs, back, waist and arm muscles.
• Enhances coordination.

It is time for thigh work:
• You will build endurance and stamina in 3 sets of thigh starting with your feet in a parallel, then working with your feet in a narrow V stance and finishing back in parallel in a waterski position.

• Tones and narrows your quads.
• Elongates your upper leg muscles.
• Tones your glutes in the waterski position.
• Burns lots of calories.

Get ready for diagonal seat with your feet hips width apart.
• Unlike fold-over, tuck in this exercise to maximize the lift in your seat. Focus on creating a straight line from the top of your head to your working foot.

• Targets your upper glutes.
• Engages your abs and the posture muscles in your upper back.

Stay at the bar for more thigh work:
• Stay focused on your fitness goals for 2 more sets of thigh work with your feet and legs tight together and finish in parallel thigh again.

• Narrows your thighs.
• “Leans down” your whole body.

Stretch on floor or mat:
• Stretch and elongate your shaky muscles on your mat or padded rug.

• Increases the range of motion in your legs.
• Elongates your quads and hamstrings.
• Streamlines the front of your body.

Go right into “curl”.
• You will maximize your abdominals with 5 sets of curl: straight leg clam, high curl, oblique low curl, low curl with your feet in a pike position and finish with quick exhalations.

• Creates a fast burn in your deep and six pack abs.
• Changes your abs quickly.
• Tones your glutes.
• Tones your legs.

Now for the fun part: back-dancing!
• You will have another chance to lift your seat and work your hamstrings in back dancing with your feet hips width apart.

• A healthier lower back and hips.
• Lifted and carved seat muscles.
• Enhanced coordination.

Your final stretch:

• Release from stretch.
• More elongated leg muscles.
• Better performance from your body the next time you work out.

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12 Responses to “Mason Glenn #01”
  1. Angie

    Loved, loved, loved this one! Mason is my fav so far! One thing though- I love his calm and soothing voice, but I felt like the music overpowered him. More Mason!

  2. Maureen

    Mason is my favorite as well – liked how he focused on form – especially the tucking. Appreciated his calm but encouraging style. Thank you for a great hour!

  3. Michelle

    I took class in person with Mason for years when I lived in Pasadena. Imagine my excitement at finding this video. This is a great class as always. Thank you for making these available online for those of us who no longer live near a studio!

  4. Morgan

    Love Mason’s great energy and direction. Your hamstring and glutes will definitely feel this class the next day!

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