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Your legs are home to some of the largest muscle groups in your body and by targeting them, you will get your heart rate going and burn lots of calories. Each one of the teachers in this class will get you working your legs even while directly targeting other muscle groups. This group of Master Teachers will give you a 20-minute workout that leaves you feeling energized and prepared for your day.

You will need a small mat or towel.

Get warmed up with Sharon:

Warm up with bicep curls and lat pulls in a wide stance designed to tone your arms and challenge your balance.


  • Shapes and elongates your biceps.
  • Works the stabilizer muscles in your upper back.
  • Warms up your quads.
  • Get your small mat or towel, it’s time for 3 sets of thigh work:

    Jen H. will guide you through 3 sets of thigh work starting with your legs together, then in parallel and finish kneeling on your small mat or towel in knee dancing.


  • Slims your inner thighs.
  • Narrows your quads.
  • Burns lots of calories.
  • Move directly into fold-over:

    You will lift and tone your glutes and hamstrings in a folded-over position with one leg extended up behind you.


  • Lifts both sides of your seat at the same time.
  • Leans down your whole body.
  • Challenges your standing leg.
  • More thigh work with Burr:

    You will test the power of your thighs with two more sets of thigh work.

  • Increased stamina.
  • Substantial caloric burn-off.
  • More elongated leg muscles.
  • Have fun with back dancing and enjoy a relaxing final stretch with Kendra:

    Carve your outer seat with back dancing and then stretch your hamstrings and thighs during your final stretch.

  • Healthier lower back and hips.
  • Release from stress.
  • Great strength and energy.
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