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In this Bar Move class, Los Angeles based teacher and actress Kym inspires you with “the power of 3,” giving you three chances to work every muscles group. You will do arabesque, pretzel, oblique punches, clam and much more. This is a Move class, so be ready for some twists and turns!

Start your warm-up with lat pulls in a wide stance.


o Tones your glutes.
o Improves posture.

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Shape your calves by raising your heels with turned out legs:


o Strengthens your calf muscles.
o Lengthens the look of your legs.
o Shapes your glutes.
o Warms up your legs to get them ready for thigh work.

Stay at the bar for arabesque.
Experience the rapid toning of your glutes and back from this powerful seat exercise.


o Lifts and shapes your upper glutes.
o Sculpts your upper back muscles.

Then lift a lighter weight to the back in one-weight lifts:


o Sculpts the back of your shoulders.
o Tones your back muscles and improves posture.
o Works your legs so you continue to burn calories.

Rev up your heart rate with 15 on tempo pushups.


o Tones and strengthens your shoulders, biceps and triceps.
o Tones your glutes.
o Works your core muscles.

And reverse pushups:
This fast exercise will quickly shape and tone your arms. Work in good form for the best results.


o Carves your triceps.
o Narrows your upper arms so that they look sculpted and slender.

Back to pushups:
Challenge your stamina with 15 more on tempo pushups.


o Tones and strengthens your shoulders, biceps and triceps.
o Firms your glutes.
o Works your core muscles.

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Then plank:
Build endurance with this full-body exercise.


o Strengthens your core muscles.
o Narrows your waist, side and back.

Next, shape your shoulders with “bent elbow lifts:”
Lift free weights to the front, alternating quickly for three sets.


o Defined shoulder muscles.
o Improved posture.

Time for thigh-work:
Do two consecutive sets of thigh-work: Start in a legs-together position and move to “second position.”


o Tones your inner thighs.
o Narrows your quads.
o Carves your glutes.
o Improves posture.

Stay at the bar for “fold-over” seat-work with turned out legs.
Work both legs as you sculpt your glutes and hamstrings.


o Lifts and shapes your upper glutes.
o Burns lots of calories.

More thigh work:
Do two more consecutive sets of thigh-work: First with your legs in a diamond shape and then in parallel.


o Narrows your upper quads and hips.
o Slims your inner and outer thighs.

Stretch on a carpet or mat:
Stretch and elongate your shaky muscles on your mat or padded rug.


o Elongates your quads and hamstrings.
o Increase the range of motion in your legs.
o Streamlines the front of your body.

Stay on the floor for pretzel:
Change three parts of your body simultaneously with pretzel.


o Carves the sides of your glutes and your hamstrings.
o Tones and slims your waist.
o Works your abdominal obliques.
o Improves posture.

Between sides of pretzel, dive into a set of pushups!
Do 20 full range pushups.


o Tones and strengthens your shoulders, biceps and triceps.
o Tones your glutes.
o Work your core muscles.

Right into curl:
Get amazing definition in your abs with a fun sequence of ab exercises, starting with “oblique punches” and “clam,” lying down for back-dancing, then curling back up for “low curl.”


o Sculpts and flattens your abs.
o Slims your waist
o Shapes your glutes.

Stretch and elongate your hamstrings, glutes and back muscles during this peaceful, energizing final stretch sequence.


o Release from stress.
o More elongated leg muscles.
o Great strength and energy.
o Better performance from your body the next time you work out.

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