Kat Mini Class #02

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Kat will inspire you to love working out by appealing to your inner dancer during this 20-minute class. You’ll engage your posture muscles with rhomboid pulls, shape your legs by turning them out like a dancer to work your quads, glutes and abs, and carve the sides of your waist with “oblique curls.”

What you’ll need:

A sturdy chair or portable bar
A soft strap for stretching (bathrobe tie)
Two free weights (2 to 4 pounds each)
2 firm oversized throw pillows
We suggest doing the class on a carpet, rug or mat

Class Details/Benefits:

First, rhomboid pulls in a parallel stance:
• Tone your back quickly with rhomboid pulls.
• Benefits:
o Stretches your chest as it works your upper back.
o Tones your rhomboids, which help give you beautiful posture.

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Then, pushups!
• You will rev up your heart rate and challenge your stamina with 30 full range pushups.
• Benefits:
o Tones and strengthens your shoulders, biceps and triceps.
o Tones your glutes.
o Work your core muscles.

Go right to the bar for thigh-work:
• You will test the power of your thighs with two sets of thigh-work, first with your feet in a turn-out for leg lifts and then with your legs tight together.
• Benefits:
o Toned, slimmer thighs.
o Substantial caloric burn-off.
o Narrows your quads.
o Leaner body overall.

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Move directly into fold-over:
• You will turn out your legs like a dancer to shape your glutes.
• Benefits:
o Lifts both sides of your seat at the same time.
o “Leans down” your whole body.
o Burns lots of calories.

Right onto “curl”:
• You will be in a low curl position with your legs in a diamond shape.
• Benefits:
o Changes your abs quickly.
o Tones your legs.
o Slims and narrows your oblique abdominals.

How for the fun part: back-dancing!
• You will continue to lift your seat with your feet in a wide stance.
• Benefits:
o A healthier lower back and hips.
o More lifted and carved seat muscles.
o Enhanced coordination.

Your final stretch:
• Stretch your hamstrings, glutes and back muscles during this peaceful, energizing final stretch sequence.
• Benefits:
o Release from stress.
o More elongated leg muscles.
o Great strength and energy.
o Better performance from your body the next time you work out.

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