Jen Hertsenberg #01

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Master teacher Jen dives right into a challenging work out designed to make your muscles toned and defined. She will inspire you and make you laugh as well. If burning calories is your goal today, this class of double fold over is the class for you.

What you’ll need:

A sturdy chair or portable bar

A soft strap for stretching (bathrobe tie)

Two free weights (2 to 4 pounds each)

One firm throw pillow

We suggest doing the class on a carpet, rug or mat

Class Details:

Kick off with plank.
• Start class strong with a plank and accept Jen’s challenge to bend and extend your legs.

• Strengthens your core muscles.
• Narrows your waist front, side and back.

Tone your biceps in a wide 2nd position:
• This challenging stance for biceps curls and lat pulls will tone your legs and seat as well as your arms and back.

• Shapes and elongates the biceps.
• Works the stabilizer muscles in your upper back.
• Improved posture.
• Sculpts your glutes.

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Next you will lift free-weights to the front by doing “bent-elbow lifts”:
• You will lifts weights to the front in 2 counts up and down.

• Toned shoulder mucsles.
• Improved posture.

Next you will lift free-weights to the front by doing “bent-elbow lifts”:
• You will lifts weights to the front, side and back with a focus on your posture and good form.

• Toned shoulder muscles.
• Sculpted back muscles with an emphasis on your lats.
• Improved posture.

Then you lift a lighter weight to the back during one-weight lifts.
• You will use a lighter weight to tone and strengthen the back of your arms and your back muscles.

• Sculpts the back of your shoulders.
• Tones your upper back mucsles.
• Improved posture.
• Works your legs so you continue to burn calories.

And now 40 push ups!
• Jen’s humour will make your 40 push ups go by quickly. Do as many or all of them on the balls of your feet.

• Sculpted arms and chest.
• Toned back muscles.
• Greater shoulders stability.
• Tighter abs.
• A more lifted seat.
• Significant caloric burn.

And reverse push ups:
• This fast exercise will quickly shape and tone your arms. Work hard to do them correctly.

• Carves your triceps.
• Narrows your upper arm so that it looks both sculpted and slender.

Put away your weights and go right to the bar for heel lifts!

Shape your calves with heel lifts:

• Strengthens your calf muscles.
• Lengthens the look of your legs.
• Warms up your legs to get them ready for thigh work.

Stretch at the bar:
• Enjoy this time to elongate and prepare your muscles for the intense work ahead. Catherine will guide you through a modification if you have sensitive flexibility.

• Increases the range of motion in your legs.
• Stretches your hamstrings, hips muscles, thighs, back, waist and arm muscles.
• Enhances coordination.

Get ready to do thigh work:
• You will tone and slim your thighs with two consecutive sets thigh-work, starting with your feet in a narrow V stance and then finishing in with your feet hip width and parallel.

• Toned, slimmer thighs.
• Substantial calorie burn-off
• Increased stamina.
• Leaner body overall.

Move right into fold-over seat work with your feet parallel:
• Jen will help you raise your heart rate and lift your seat in this fast-paced calorie burning exercise.

• Lifts both sides of your seat at the same time.
• Burns lots of calories.

Then more thigh work!
• Jen guides you through your last 2 sets of thigh with leg lifts in profile and end in a sprint with your feet in parallel.

• Sprinting in intervals to give you maximum burn.

More fold-over seat work:
• Experience challenging your standing leg as much as your working leg while you bend and extend your standing leg.

• Think of your standing leg as your “aerobic leg” and your working leg as the one you’re sculpting. .
• Is a calorie burning powerhouse.

• Stretch and elongate your shaky muscles on your mat.

• Elongates your quads and hamstrings.
• Increases the range of motion in your legs.
• Streamlines the front of your body.

Right onto “curl”
• You will get your abdominals toned with 3 sets of curl: low curl with your feet down, kickstand curl and finish in the clam position.

• Sculpted abdominals.
• Significant calorie burn.
• Give you more control of your core.
• Flattens and narrows your waist.

Now for the fun part: back-dancing!

• A healthier lower back and hips.
• Lifted and carved seat muscles.
• Enhanced coordination.

Your final stretch:

• Release from stretch.
• More elongated leg muscles.
• Better performance from your body the next time you work out.

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9 Responses to “Jen Hertsenberg #01”
  1. Maureen

    Jen does not miss a beat in this workout. After doing all of the accelerated workouts I find this one the hardest. She keeps a very fast pace. The camera stays focused on the students for a visual guide and she interacts with them throughout the class. The initial warmup is a killer, ending with 40 pushups. The leg series will bring on a burn for every set. There could be better technique comments during this part such as foot placement, tucking hips, which muscles are being worked (altho she does do this some) how low you should go, etc. Jen is able to do extreme knee bends and I wonder if most people can do this without putting too much strain on their knees. The last fold-over I believe the foot was to point downward, focusing on the top of the glut and smile line. If that is the case, I don
    t think we worked side glut. Anyway, I hope Jen makes more videos and this one will become my go-to video for a hard workout. Thank you Jen.

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