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In this 20 minute Bar Method workout, instructor Emma with lead you through a tough workout designed to tone and define your muscles. Enjoy the surprises she has in store for you!

What you’ll need:

  • A sturdy chair for portable bar
  • A ball
  • A soft strap for stretching
  • Two free weights
  • We suggest doing the class on carpet, a rug or mat
  • First, plank:

    Jumpstart your workout with a full body exercise to build you stamina.


  • Strengthens your core muscles
  • Narrows your waist, side and back.

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    Next, we move into rhomboid pulls in wide 2nd position:


  • Tones your rhomboids, lats, quads and glutes.
  • Improves posture.
  • Grab a ball, it’s time for thigh work:

    Thigh work helps build stamina, starting with parallel thigh with the ball.


  • Tones and narrows your quads.
  • Slims the inner thighs.
  • Strengthens your knees.
  • Burns lots of calories.
  • Moving into fold-over seat work:

    Fold-over challenges your standing leg as much as you working leg.


  • Lifts both sides of your seat at the same time.
  • Strengthens your upper back.

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    More thigh work with Diamond water ski thigh:

    Build your endurance and stamina.


  • Slims the inner thighs.
  • Elongates your upper leg muscles.
  • Tones your glutes.
  • Move quickly into Arabesque:

    Shape your seat and your upper back with the elegant exercise.


  • Lifts and shapes your upper glutes
  • Defines your hamstrings.
  • Sculpts your upper back muscles.
  • Tones and narrows your waist muscles.
  • Next, a challenging curl series:

    Start with high curl with the ball behind your waist.


  • Flattens you abs.
  • Tones your glutes.
  • Adds stamina to your whole body.
  • Next, Emma sneaks in another plank:

    Exercise your full body in this stamina building position.


  • Strengthens your core muscles.
  • Narrows your waist, side and back.
  • Second and final part of your curl series, low curl leg walks:

    Fast pace exercise that will engage your full body with leg walking and curling simultaneously.


  • Flattens you abs.
  • Tones your glutes.
  • Adds stamina to your whole body.
  • Now for back Dancing with ball:

    Grab a ball to add a twist to shaping your gluts by lifting and lowering your seat.


  • A healthier lower back and hips.
  • More lifted and carved seat muscles.
  • Enhanced coordination.
  • Your final Stretch:

    A much deserved stretch after your hard work! Stretch your hamstrings, glutes and back muscles during your final stretch sequence.


  • Release from stress.
  • More elongated leg muscles.
  • Better performance from your body the next time you work out.
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