Dancer’s Dent

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Dancers are known for their long lean muscles and toned bodies. This class will help you achieve one of the most sought after aspect of a dancer’s body, the “dancer’s dent.” Melissa, Hoddy, Burr and Kat will take you through a 20-minute workout that targets the outer corner of your seat during every exercise. From warm-up, into thigh and finishing with seat, you’ll focus on your gluteus medius the entire time!

You will need a ball.

Get warmed up with Melissa:

Use your heavy or light weights to tone your shoulders with “bent elbow lifts” in U-Shaped arm movements and then challenge your balance and warm up your outer seat with biceps curls in a wide stance.


  • Tones your deltoids.
  • Sculpts your glutes.
  • Targets the stabilizer muscles in your upper back.
  • Get your ball it is time for thigh work:

    You will tone your inner an outer thighs in three fun sets of thigh-work starting with your feet in a 2nd position, then use your ball with your feet hip width apart and finish with your legs in a diamond shape.


  • Toned, slimmer outer thighs.
  • Substantial caloric burn-off.
  • Tones your glutes.
  • Challenges your stamina.
  • Move into arabesque with Burr:

    This Bar Method exercise is designed specifically to target the corner of your seat, your gluteus meduis.


  • Creates a “dancer’s dent” in the corners of your seat.
  • Narrows your waist and oblique muscles.
  • Strengthens your upper back.
  • Finish class on the floor with pretzel:

    This very effective floor exercise will target many muscles simultaneously with special attention to your glutes and waist muscles. Use the ball for additional challenge.

  • Carves and lifts the outside of your seat.
  • Tones and slims your waist by working your obliques.
  • Increases range of motion in your torso, making you more flexible around your center, thereby giving you more fluid motion.
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