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Your core is made up of your abs, your glutes and your upper back; this 20-minute video groups exercises together that keep you focused on your core throughout. Kendra, Jen H., Kat and Burr provide you with an energetic and fun-filled class. Stay focused on your form during each exercise and feel your core get stronger!

First, pushups and reverse pushups:

Rev up your heart rate with 30 full range pushups and quickly shape your arms with reverse pushups.


  • Helps flatten your stomach.
  • Tones your glutes.
  • Works your core muscles.
  • Onto thigh with Jen H.:

    You will sculpt your thighs with two sets of thigh-work, first with your feet in a narrow-v and then parallel thigh.


  • Toned slimmer thighs.
  • Substantial caloric burn-off.
  • Leaner body overall.
  • Move directly into diagonal seat:

    You will turn out your legs and use the grip of your glutes as resistance while you lift your working leg to shape your seat muscles.


  • Targets the upper-most glutes.
  • Carves your hamstrings.
  • Engages your abs and muscles in your upper back.
  • Wrap up class with curl back dancing and final stretch:

    Enjoy a fast burn with arm dancing (supportive pillows or mats required), continue lifting your seat during back dancing and finish class with a peaceful, energizing final stretch sequence.

  • Challenges your abs quickly.
  • Enhanced coordination.
  • Release from stress.
  • Better performance for your body the next time you work out.
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