Burr Mini Class #10

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Enjoy this athletic mini class by Burr Leonard. Take a tour of all your upper back muscles in arm work, fine tune and elongate your quadriceps in thigh work and discover infinite possibilities to make yourself taller and more sculpted with standing seat. You will end your 20 minutes feeling stronger and more energized.

What you’ll need:

A sturdy chair or portable bar
A soft strap for stretching (bathrobe tie)
Two free weights (2 to 4 pounds each)
2 firm oversized throw pillows
We suggest doing the class on a carpet, rug or mat

Class Details/Benefits:
In this class, you will call up reserves of strength you didn’t know you had and get the results you want: a leaner, more sculpted body.

First, pushups!
• 30 of them to spike your heart rate. Burr sets you up quickly, and you fly through the reps with excellent arm alignment.

• Sculpted arms and chest.
• Toned back muscles.
• Greater shoulders stability.
• Tighter abs.
• A more lifted seat.
• Significant caloric burn.

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Next, “bent-elbow lifts” with free-weights:
• You will lifts weights to the front, side and back with a focus on your posture and good form.

• Toned shoulder muscles.
• Sculpted back muscles with an emphasis on your lats.
• Improved posture.

Put away your weights, and go right to the bar for thigh-work:
• You will test the power of your thighs with two consecutive sets of parallel-legs thigh-work, starting slow and deep and ending with tucks.

• Toned, slimmer thighs.
• Substantial caloric burn-off.
• Increased stamina.
• Leaner body overall.

Stretch your thighs with a standing quad stretch, and stay right there for “standing seat” to work your glutes and hamstrings.
• Burr gets you into great form so you feel every rep.

• Sculpted hamstrings and a round, firm, lifted seat.
• Smoother, longer-appearing thighs.
• Flatter abdominals.
• A stronger, straighter back and improved posture.

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Right onto “curl”
• You will punch your way to great ab definition by doing “oblique punches” with one leg moving in towards you as you punch feistily around and past it.

• A sculpted six-pack and obliques
• Significant caloric burn.

How for the fun part: back-dancing!
• You will carve your outer seat by doing this exercise with wide legs.

• A healthier lower back and hips.
• More lifted and carved seat muscles.
• Enhanced coordination.

Your final stretch:
• Stretch your hamstrings, glutes and back muscles during this peaceful, energizing final stretch sequence.

• Release from stress.
• More elongated leg muscles.
• Great strength and energy.
• Better performance from your body the next time you work out.

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3 Responses to “Burr Mini Class #10”
  1. Kathleen

    My favorite 20 minute workout! I like the focus on fewer exercises so you can work deeply in them and not waste time setting up for the next exercise. It also was well choreographed, with balanced, complementary exercises. Thanks!

  2. Shelby

    I love the class details listed on the description page! It’s so helpful when choosing a workout. Will all the videos be updated to include this information?

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