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In 25 minutes, Bar Method founder, Burr guides you through a Bar Method class with a focus on flexibility. You will be inspired to find new length in your muscles, follow your breath, and connect to your body.

First pushups and then a long back and shoulder stretch
You will warm up your body and connect to your core with 10 slow push ups followed by reverse pushups.
o Tones and strengthens your shoulders, biceps and triceps.
o Tones your glutes.
o Works your core muscles.

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Burr guides you through a total body workout that targets the key muscles involved in body reshaping. The workout includes free weight exercises and push-ups to sculpt your arms, leg exercises and stretches to sculpt and slim down your legs and hips, core work done on the mat, and a relaxing series of final stretches.

Stretch at the bar:
Burr gives you extra time to stretch your hamstrings, legs, core and back during this flowing stretch sequence.
o Increases the range of motion in your legs.
o Stretches your hamstrings, hips muscles, thighs, back, waist and arm muscles.
o Enhances coordination.

Stay at the bar for thigh-work:
Do two quick sets of thigh work in low-heeled set in narrow v position and then diamond thigh.
o Toned, slimmer thighs.
o Substantial caloric burn-off.
o Increased stamina.
o Leaner body.

Stay at the bar for arabesque seat work.
You will work many muscles that feel good to stretch afterwards, including your upper back muscles, your obliques, glutes and hamstrings.
o Lifts and shapes your upper glutes.
o Sculpts your upper back muscles.
o Slims your waist.
o Gives you beautiful posture.

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Stretch on your floor or mat
You will have time to gently stretch your inner thighs, your hamstrings and hips and have a few extra moments to work on your straddle and split if desired.
o Elongates your quads, hamstrings and inner thighs.
o Increases the range of motion in your legs.
o Streamlines the front of your body.

Now for the fun part: back-dancing!
You will continue to lift your seat and slim your thighs with your legs in a narrow V .
o A healthier lower back and hips.
o More lifted and carved seat muscles.
o Slimmed down thighs
o Enhanced coordination.

Right onto “curl”
Enjoy the fast burn in your six-pack abs with straight leg clam. Small mat or towel required.
o Changes your abs quickly.
o Tones your glutes.
o Adds stamina to your whole body.

Your final stretch:
Stretch your hamstrings, glutes and back muscles during this peaceful, energizing final stretch sequence.
o Release from stress.
o More elongated leg muscles.
o Great strength and energy.
o Better performance from your body the next time you work out.

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