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Every Bar Method teacher uses his or her unique personality to motivate you to get the most effective work out. In this beginner’s class, Jen W., Sharon, Maggie and Kat bring their own style to guide you into the best possible form so that you can see results. Learn how to fine-tune the Bar Method technique and understand what keeps everyone coming back time and again.

Get your blood flowing during warm-up:

Jen W. prepares you for the rest of class by kicking it off with 2nd position biceps curls, 5 full range pushups, followed by 20 pulses and wraps it up with reverse pushups.


  • Tones and strengthens your shoulders, biceps and triceps.
  • Works your core muscles.
  • Narrows your upper arm for a sculpted, slender look.
  • Burn calories during thigh:

    You will test the power of your thighs with two consecutive sets of thigh-work: start with your feet in a narrow V stance and then finish in a wide stance with your heels raised.


  • Toned, slimmer thighs.
  • Substantial caloric burn-off.
  • Leaner body overall.
  • Lift your glutes with fold-over:

    Maggie will help raise your heart rate and lift your seat in this effective exercise for your glutes.


  • Lifts both sides of your seat at the same time.
  • Burns lots of calories.
  • Increases your stamina.
  • Head to the floor for curl, back dancing and final stretch:

    To wrap up class you will lie down in the abdominal “clam” position to quickly tone your abs. Afterwards you will continue to lift your seat and slim your thighs with back dancing with your legs together and wrap-up class with a peaceful stretch.


  • Effectively tightens and flattens your abs.
  • Great strength and energy.
  • Release from stretch.
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