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If you’re looking to sculpt and flatten your abs, this is the core barre class for you! In this 20-minute journey, Hoddy, Kiesha, Jen H., Denise and Sharon take you through a variety of curl exercises to slim your waist and build your six-pack. This core barre class gives you a quick warm-up and shifts the focus entirely towards your abdominal muscles with oblique punches, leg dancing, high curl and straight leg clam.

Start your warm-up with Hoddy:

Rev up your heart rate with 3 sub-sets of pushups and move right into one-weight lifts


  • Tones and strengthens your shoulders, biceps and triceps.
  • Works your core muscles.
  • Improves your posture.
  • Sculpts the back of your shoulders.
  • Right into curl with Kiesha:

    Get amazing definition in your abs with a fun sequence of ab exercises, starting with oblique punches.


  • Tones your six-pack and obliques.
  • Shapes your glutes.
  • Move on to leg dancing with Jen H.

    This fun and fast-paced set of curl will keep your heart rate up


  • Changes your abs quickly.
  • Significant caloric burn.
  • Next is High Curl with Denise:

    Tone your abdominals even more with this intense muscular set of abs.

  • Gives you more control of your core.
  • Targets your hard to reach, deep abdominal muscles.
  • Complete curl with straight-leg clam with Sharon:

    Maximize your quest for flatter abs and a stronger six pack


  • Sculpts and flattens your abs.
  • Tones your legs.
  • Wrap up class with back dancing and final stretch with Hoddy:


  • Lifted and carved seat muscles.
  • Healthier lower back and hips.
  • Release from stretch.
  • Better performance from your body the next time you work out.
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