Bar Online Success Stories

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Bar Online has been a great alternative when I can’t get into the studio. I like to take classes 4-5 times a week but keeping up with that goal is sometimes difficult with my kid’s schedules…READ MORE
I feel very motivated by the interactive style of the instruction and the class format. I push myself as hard as I do in class and still drink water a few times during transitions, just as I do in class, but laugh when Jen H. says, “put down your water”….READ MORE

I love the variety of instructors, class levels, and class lengths. There are some days I’m just not up to a hard core full hour advanced class – but can handle a 53 minute intermediate….READ MORE
Bar Online gives me access to countless different Bar Method workouts, adding new workouts regularly. I am so much more motivated for my 5:30 am workouts that I have increased my Bar Method workouts to 3-4 times a week…READ MORE

Bar Online has become my new best friend. I am a Bar Method client and instructor. I love Bar Method. I am also a new mom and getting to the studio for a workout is not nearly as easy as it used to be. The workouts are hard and varied, and there are several instructors to choose from, most of which I have taken class from in the studio and they teach a mean class…READ MORE
When the Bar Method launched their Bar Online program, I was thrilled! Their online workouts are just as challenging as the real thing and I love that the instructors are spontaneous and unrehearsed. …READ MORE