Frequently Asked Questions

Are the DVD contents on Bar Online the same as the ones sold in your online store?

The Bar Online DVD exercise content is the same that is sold on Bar Method’s only store: (Please note that the Super Sculpting, Super Sculpting II, and the Pregnancy DVDs contain specific form and equipment sections that are not available via the Bar Online versions.)

How often do you plan to add new video content?

We plan to add up to 15 new streaming videos a year.

How do I view the videos by level of difficulty?

Move your cursor over the top navigation bar label that says “LEVELS”. This will display the offered levels: Accelerated, Mixed, Beginner, Prenatal.

What does each of the difficulty levels mean?

Accelerated – A class structured for the ambitious regular client with a strong grasp of the technique.

Beginner – A simpler class with concentration on learning the technique and set-ups with fewer reps in each exercise.

Mixed – An energetic class aimed for beginner and accelerated clients.

Prenatal – A mixed level class directed towards pre-natal clients with specific modifications given throughout.

Are there restrictions to where I can access Bar Online?

There are no geographic restrictions. You can access Bar Online anywhere where there’s a high-speed Internet connection with a computer, mobile device or smart TV.

Will I be able to access Bar Online on my tablet and/ or smartphones?

Bar Online is accessible on tablets and smartphones that can access the Internet.

How can I view Bar Online videos on my television?

You will need a smart TV that can access the Internet directly. Connecting your computer (desktop, laptop) to your TV via HDMI cable if HDMI connector ports are available. Apple TV and Chromecast devices can also play Bar Online videos on your television.

Can I watch Bar Online videos on my television using Apple TV?

Bar Online videos can be viewed on your television using Apple TV (2nd or 3rd generation). You’ll need to set up and enable the “AirPlay” mirroring function on your Apple TV as well as your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices connected on the same high-speed Wi-Fi network. Please click on the link “” for instructions from Apple support on how to setup and enable “AirPlay”.

Can I watch Bar Online videos on my television using the Chromecast device?

Bar Online videos can be viewed on your television using the Chromecast device. To do so, please download the “Chromecast” app from the app store to your compatible smartphone or tablet device and follow the directions provided by Chromecast using the following link: Chromecast will also allow you to watch Bar Online video on your television from your computers running the Chrome web browser. Please click on the Chromecast support link below to learn how.

Where do I find the 10% discount code for Bar Method’s online store?

The 10% discount code for Bar Method’s online store ( is included on your order confirmation email.

Is there an app for Bar Online to stream the video content?

Not at this time, however we will explore this.

How long are the streaming workouts?

The workouts are approximately 48-60 minuets. We will also be adding 20 min “Mini Classes”.

Do I need any special equipment or props for the workouts?

No special equipment or props are required. You can use canned soup for weights, bathrobe tie as a stretching strap, firm oversized pillow, a towel folded in 3rds and a sturdy chair or furniture for balance support. We suggest doing the class on a carpet, rug or mat. You may also purchase Bar Method workout accessories at

How will I know what I need for each workout?

Within each video description is a section call “what you’ll need” and it details the equipment you’ll need as well as alternatives you can use if they’re not available.

What does each of the membership level mean?

24 Hours – The 24-hours Bar Online Membership allows you to access all streaming classes and DVD contents at anytime for 24 hours, (1) full day.

One Week – The One Week Bar Online Membership allows you to access all streaming classes and DVD contents at anytime for (7) full days.

DVD Monthly – The DVD Monthly Bar Online Membership provide you access to all 5 of Bar Method’s DVD contents. Membership automatically renews each month.

Premier Monthly – The Premier Bar Online Membership provides complete and unlimited access to all contents at any time. Membership automatically renews each month.

Where on Bar Online can I find The Bar Method DVD contents?

Change Your Body Workout DVD is Burr Leonard #01 or Beginner’s level Accelerated Workout DVD is Burr Leonard #02 or Mixed level Super Sculpting Workout DVD is Burr Leonard #03 or Mixed level Super Sculpting II Workout DVD is Burr Leonard #04 or Mixed level Pregnancy Workout DVD is Hoddy Potter #01 or Prenatal level

I already have a membership at a studio. Do I still need to pay for Bar Online membership?

Yes. Bar Online membership allows you to streaming online classes when you’re traveling or in the comfort of your home.

Does Bar Online have prenatal contents?

Yes. We have our very popular Pregnancy Workout DVD under Hoddy Potter #01.

How do I change my credit card payment information?

You can change your credit and payment information by contacting customer service at (844) 278-2048.

What is my username?

Your account username is the email address you used to sign up for the account.

Why am I not getting the email to reset my password?

It’s possible the email address you’ve entered for your account is incorrect. Please contact Bar Online technical support ( with your full name and email address so we may look into your account and update your email address.

How do I access the streaming contents after I’ve completed the membership sign up?

You can access the streaming content by clicking “VIDEOS”, “TEACHERS”, or “LEVELS” in the navigation bar.

What exactly is the main difference between the DVD and Premier subscription?

The Premier monthly subscription gives you complete access to all Bar Online video content. The DVD monthly subscription gives you access to all 5 of The Bar Method DVD content.

How do I cancel my monthly auto renew membership?

Contact customer service at (844) 278-2048 or to cancel your subscriptions. Your account will stay active for the remaining time paid for by your latest payment. Example: If your last payment was on the 15th of the month and you cancel your account on the following 20th, your account will continue to be active until the 15th of the upcoming month.

Do you offer verbal pre-natal modifications throughout the videos?

We have the pre-natal DVD (Pregnancy Workout) available but we do not give verbal pre-natal modifications throughout the video.

The videos only play for about a minute. Why?

Please log in to your account first in order to play the full video. If you’re logged in to your account and the video still only plays for about a minute, you may need to clear your browser cache. To clear your browser cache for the page you’re on, click CTRL + F5 on Windows, or COMMAND + SHIFT + R on Mac OS.

Is the Bar Online videos live? And are they available for purchase to download?

Bar Online videos are recorded virtual classes and is not available for purchase and/ or download. You may purchase the DVDs from our store at

Can I sign up for studio classes on Bar Online?

Bar Online classes are virtual. To sign up for studio classes, please follow these steps:

– Go to

– Hover mouse cursor on “Locations” and select “Find a Location”.

– Enter your zip code, which will then bring up all the Bar Method studios near you.

– Click on “Website” right below the studio’s phone#.

– Click on “Classes” to book your class.

What does “Pending” and “Processing” status means on my account page?

If account status says “Pending”, then there is an error with the credit card entered. Please contact customer service at (844) 278-2048 to update your credit card info. If account status says “Processing”, you’re good to go and you can access the video contents.

What is your cancellation policy?

The “24-Hour” and “Weekly” membership cannot be cancelled and will not auto renew. “DVD” monthly subscription can be cancelled at any time. “Premier” monthly membership can be cancelled for any reason at any time.

What are the system requirements to view a Bar Method video?

Viewers should have one of the following browsers and Flash versions installed to play Bar Method videos:

For Windows PC users:

Chrome (all versions)

Firefox 3.0.1 or higher

Internet Explorer 6 SP1

Internet Explorer 7

Internet Explorer 8

Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 10 [1]

Safari 3.2.2 or higher

For Mac users:

Chrome (all versions)

Firefox 3.0.1 or higher

Safari 3.2.1 or higher

Currently approved versions of Flash include:

Flash Player 11.1 r102+

Flash Player 11.0 r1+

Flash Player 10.3 rxxx

Flash Player 10.2 rxxx

Flash Player 11.1 r102+

Flash Player 11.0 r1+

Flash Player 10.3 rxxx

Flash Player 10.2 rxxx

(go to for a link to the latest available Flash downloads)

Notes [1] Bar Method only supports the default browser (IE10) on the device in the Windows 8 Modern UI.

Why do video clips sometimes stutter or pause during playback?

Video may stutter or pause during playback if your Internet connection is not fast enough or if your computer has an unusually slow processor or little RAM. Minimum RAM recommendation is 1gb; 2gb or more would be ideal. Even on broadband connections, Internet congestion or heavy Internet traffic during peak usage hours can result in choppy playback or repeated buffering. You can check your actual Internet bandwidth here,

Why isn’t the Bar Method player displaying on a web page?

Some corporate networks, firewalls, and ad-blocking software may prevent the player from displaying. Please check with your Network Administrator to ensure that Flash video is permitted on your network. Also, disable any ad-blocking software that might prevent Flash media from loading.

Why is the video blocky or pixelated?

Several factors affect video quality including the data rate, the quality of the original footage, and the version of Flash video used to encode. The Bar Method delivers high-quality HD video and our website detects the best possible quality video file to stream by testing your Internet speed each time you view our site. To check your bandwidth, visit

The player is displaying a warning that says I need to upgrade the Flash player. How do I upgrade?

The player will display a message, “Upgrade Flash warning.” You can click on that message to obtain the latest version of the Flash Player from Adobe.

The player is displaying a message that says: “The video you are trying to watch is currently unavailable.” Why?

This problem can have a number of causes, but the most likely cause is that network congestion might be causing the player’s connection to time out before the video can be delivered. Please wait 10-15 minuets and retry again.

The player is not displaying correctly or is displaying the wrong video. How can I fix this?

Your web browser may be displaying cached information. To clear your browser cache for the page you’re on, click CTRL + F5 on Windows, or COMMAND + SHIFT + R on Mac OS.