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20 Min. - Targeted

  • Class 6

    Learn how to fine-tune the Bar Method technique and understand what keeps everyone coming back in this beginners class! Watch Now >>>

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  • class 4

    Stay focused in this short class to target your posture muscles and give you a sculpted back! Watch Now >>>

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  • Back Safety

    In this 20-minute video Emma, Hoddy, Burr and Mason will take you through a variety of classes that are safe for your back alignment. Watch and follow along as they guide you through a fun and challenging class that keeps your core stable and your posture muscles engaged without putting any stress on your back!Watch Now >>>

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  • Cardio Barre Class

    Follow along with Keisha, Kendra, Jen H., and Melissa as they give you a 20-minute workout that’s guaranteed to spike your heart rate, maximize your caloric burn and make you laugh along the way! Watch Now >>>

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  • core barre class

    In this 20 minute Bar Method workout, instructors Hoddy, Kiesha, Jen H., Denise and Sharon take you through a variety of curl exercises to slim your waist and build your six-pack. If you’re looking to sculpt and flatten your abs, this is the class for you! Watch Now >>>

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60 Min. - Full Body

20 Min. - Full Body